UAB hosts business version of speed dating

There's an old saying: You only get one chance to make a first impression. Monday night, dozens of UAB students did just that. They had to present all of their best qualities in just a few minutes.

"Hello my name is Keith Wright and I'm a Senior I.S. Major. "My name is Allison Smith" Mathew Olson with Sonepar USA says "We sell all sorts of electrical products to electrical contractors."

Lots of conversations went on at UAB during the school's business version of speed dating. Rita Stewart Hampton with the UAB School of Business says "We'll ring the bell and every ten minutes the students will move from table to table." To possibly find their destiny.

Associate Director of Student Development, Kristen Chapleau, says{}"It's not like you have to go to dinner and chat with someone the entire night, we say you got 10 minutes per employer."

Chapleau says{}they got the idea of speed networking from speed dating. Student Keith Wright says{}"Make sure I smile, have plenty of resumes." Mathew Olson with Sonepar USA says{}"We definitely look for a student whose motivated and definitely has a competitive spirit.

17 employers and 50 students... learning more about one another.{} Auburn Foreman with UAB Recruitment Services says{}"The whole goal tonight is to try and get as much information we can."

Rita Stewart Hampton says{}"It gives our students we think an advantage of the job market and learning about different companies."

Many hope this speed networking will benefit them down the road.{} Wright says{}"Connection could mean you getting a job because they know you, versus someone who just showed up."

Speed networking organizers say it's the third time they've put on this event.. which has led to students scoring internships and interviews.