UAB researchers believe money raised through the Ice Bucket Challenge will help find an ALS cure

A UAB physician took part in the wildly popular ice bucket challenge.For Dr. Peter King, the challenge benefiting ALS research hits closer to home.{}King is an ALS researcher at UAB and says 30 million dollars raised nationwide will make huge strides towards finding a cure - Even help patients treated at UAB. 30,000 Americans suffer from the disease and more than 5,600 are diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gherig's disease every year."It inspires me when I go into the clinic to go back to the lab to try and figure out a cause for the disease and try and identify treatments," Dr. Peter King, UAB researcher said.Down the road in Mountain Brook, city leaders took part in the challenge.{}They did things a little differently - Firefighters used their truck to dump water on the fire chief, city manager, city planner, parks and rec director, and {}fire chief.{}So far, more than 630,000 new donors have contributed since the challenge began in July.