Uncut grass costs a homeowner $736.00

Wow!{} That's the reaction anyone would have if they received a bill for $736.00.{} That amount was no bill for a homeowner in Tuscaloosa.{} It was how much the Tuscaloosa Police Department charged him for not cutting his grass.

In Tuscaloosa, there is a code that grass cannot exceed 12 inches in height.{} If the grass on a property does exceed that, police will usually issue a warning at first.{} Homeowners have 7 days to cut the grass so they are not fined.

On August 13th, a notice was left to cut the grass at a house in the 2800 block of 7th Avenue.{} According to Tuscaloosa Police, he homeowner contacted the police department to say he needed more time to cut the grass.{} Officers gave the homeowner another week.{}

After almost a month, on September 7th, the grass still had not been cut.{} The homeowner was issued a citation.{} When the homeowner went to court, the fines totaled $736.00 for the uncut grass.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department says this case should be a warning for other property owners to keep their grass in order.