Undocumented immigrants protest at Sheraton Hotel

Dozens of undocumented immigrants stormed the doors of the Birmingham Sheraton Hotel, Friday, to voice opposition to Alabama's immigration laws.

One of them was Fernando Lopez.

"We're here to make a statement to tell them that we're not afraid," Lopez said.

He says the forum that was going on inside the hotel, which focused on how the immigration laws affect civil rights, was slanted.

"They don't even ask the real affected ones, which is the community," he said. "The people that are undocumented."

In the middle of the crowd, you could also find nine-year-old Samantha Garcia.

"I'm doing this to help everyone that is undocumented," she said.

She is legal, but her parents are not. The immigration law has affected her family first-hand.

"It has been sad because a lot of people of my family have gone," she said. "A lot of people have left because of this."

That's what Friday's group wants to change. And they believe they can as long as they stick together.

"We have the power to organize and change this system if we organize," Lopez said.

Police had to be called to the hotel because some protestors were trying to get inside. Some of them barricaded their selves inside the front doors by sitting down and holding on to each other, some of which even used handcuffs to stay together. Police were able to move their protest outside. No one was arrested or injured.