Former University of Alabama student files lawsuit against football player, fraternity

A former University of Alabama student has filed a lawsuit in the Northern District Court of Alabama against Sigma Chi Corporation, Iota Iota Corporation and a current Alabama football player.

The plaintiff, Logan Herring, says in the suit that he was abused, bruised and contused during a "swap" or "pledge event" held by a Sigma Chi fraternity member and starting H-Back on the Crimson Tide football team, Kelly Gregory Johnson, at his off-campus residence.

Herring alleges that Johnson and Sigma Chi Corporation purchased and distributed alcohol to him at the party even though he was underage at the time.{} After consuming the alcoholic beverages, Herring became intoxicated and vomited on a couch inside the defendant's residence before walking to a bathroom.

While on his knees with his head into the top of the toilet bowl, Herring alleges in the suit that Johnson "negligently, wantonly, and recklessly kicked and punched his head numerous times," rendering him unconscious.

After the assault in the bathroom, Johnson "repreatedly struck Mr. Herring as he left the premises, causing the side of his head to slam against the wall."

The plaintiff, also named as Tom Herring in the complaint, said he was caused to endure great pain and suffering including a concussion, brain injury, memory loss, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.{} Also, he was forced to undergo medical, psychological, and pharmaceutical treatment as well as withdraw from the University of Alabama and change course studies.

Herring's attorneys Scott E. Denson and G. Rick DiGiorgio of Birmingham are seeking compensatory damages in an amount to be determined by a jury, plus lawyer fees and court costs.

Johnson played in nine games in 2011 and has appeared in all four games this year for Alabama.{}

No criminal charges have been filed against him.

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