Unsecured documents found at Banks Middle School

The documents are the records of former Banks Middle School students, that include addresses, phone numbers, and even social security numbers.

Richard Rutledge is the person who discovered the unsecured records when entering the school. He plans to run for Birmingham City Council in district 2. He says that's why he and other community members decided to check out the school. They say it's been a major eyesore since it closed in 2007. "That's enough information to steal the identity of every one of those individuals," says Rutledge.

This issue also has Banks Alumnus Brad Hobbs upset. Hobbs says, "What we see now is a result of looters going into that situation, opening up file cabinets and just dumping things out. Looking for whatever things of value they can find."

Hobbs says he took the information to Birmingham police describing what he and Rutledge found. Police determined that since its school records the school board needs to take care of it.

The school board released this statement.

"The City of Birmingham has owned the former Banks Middle School building for several years. The Birmingham city school system will coordinate with the city to determine what, if any, student records remain in the building and to take those records to a secure storage location."

Hobbs says he was told school board security is expected to get the unsecured documents Monday morning.