Unusual Valentine's events this weekend


Love-birds around the metro celebrated Valentine's Day some chose the traditional restaurant and movie theater route - others got creative. And Birmingham had some first-time events this year to offer {}an unusual Valentine's Day experience."The thrill! The adrenaline rush of people popping out in your face it's a lot of fun," Alyssa Beasley, a visitor to Warehouse 31 said."A lot of people go to dinner or a movie or something traditional, but you get out and go to a haunted house on Valentine's Day - I think it's genius," Josh Rumore, a visitor said.They weren't looking for your normal kind of Valentines date."I'm hoping it'll be scary," Tom Schwartz, a visitor said."It's not something people think for Valentine's Day. It's just something different," Ashley Williams, a visitor said."We wanted something different other than go out to eat and go to a movie," Phillip Gebeles, another guest said.Brides, clowns, and a bloody valentine - all part of a brand new unique Valentine's night."We wanted to put a Valentines spin on it and do a bloody Valentine and try to give some folks some good entertainment this time of year that they wouldn't normally have," Jason Sills, the owner said.On it's first night, thrill seekers braved the cold rain to pack out the haunted warehouse."Monsters and creatures in there giving relationship advice and love advice and replacing broken hearts and pulling some hearts out," Sills said.But if monsters and a bloody valentine isn't quite your thing...."We're going to be having animal greetings for those who walk in first, expositions on the wild and love in the wild, different mating rituals and factoids," Candace Broeker, Marketing and Public Relations at the Birmingham Zoo said.A brand new event promises a close up look at the Birmingham Zoo favorites."It's a unique opportunity for us to educate the community and also offer something different to do on Valentine's Day," Broeker said.{}A Valentines event for the whole family continues at the zoo Saturday. For the price of admission, visitors can participate in several special valentines activities. And the fun at Warehouse 31 lasts through Saturday night. Tickets go on sale at 6:30 pm.