Police: 5-year-old fighting for his life after being shot by father

Davieon Menefee

On Wednesday, investigators with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office found 30 year old Tiffany Bozeman, her 3 year old daughter, Gabrielle Menefee, and 5 year old son, Davieon Menefee, shot inside their apartment. {}Tiffany and Gabrielle both died. {}Davieon is alive but is temporarily paralyzed.{}

"It's hard to understand when we see something like this why anyone could point a gun at a 5 year old and a 3 year old child and especially one that is their own," said Chief Deputy Randy Christian with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.{}Police say the family was shot on Tuesday night. {}Davieon suffered a gunshot wound to the neck. {}He was rushed to the hospital after he and his family members were found Wednesday morning.{}"It's a tough time for that little guy to try and reason what happened to him," said Christian.{}After shooting his family, police say Brandon Menefee drove to Fairfield and took his own life.{}"The handgun recovered in that victim's car was a .40 caliber which was consistent with the shell casings we found at the double-murder and attempted-murder," said Christian.{}ABC 33/40 also learned that Tiffany and Brandon recently split up which police believe may have led to the deadly crime.{}"We believe all of that culminated in him to shoot the mother of his children and his two children," said Christian.{}The county coroner is expected to complete examinations by Thursday, which police say will give them a better indication as to how many times Tiffany and Gabrielle were shot.{}Now, all eyes are on Davieon as family, friends, and strangers pray for his recovery.{}