Update: Carbon Hill mayor arrested on sex charges

Carbon Hill Mayor James Richardson was arrested Thursday night on several sex charges. (City of Carbon Hill Photo)

Attorney Thomas Carmichael described his client's account of being sexually assaulted while in jail by Carbon Hill Mayor James "Pee Wee" Richardson.

"He rubbed her down her back and into her buttocks area. The original groping was into her inner thigh and up to her private parts," says Carmichael.

Richardson, 61, was arrested Thursday night on charges of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, harassment and soliciting prostitution. His bond was set at $250,000.

Carmichael's client is just one woman out of several who came forward with information about Richardson's alleged abuse.{}

The victim was arrested and booked five months ago on speeding ticket charges and placed in the care of the Carbon Hill Police Department.

The civil suit states "Prior to May 6th, 2013, Defendant Richardson's conduct in using sexually suggestive conversation and sexual innuendos while conversing with female inmates was common knowledge to jailers and/or police officers of the carbon hill city police department."

Now the Carmichael's client is suing the city too.

Richardson will be formally arraigned on criminal charges in the next few days.