Investigators: Both murder-suicide victims in Tuscaloosa County had gunshot wounds

Officials announce new information in the double murder-suicide in Tuscaloosa County.

Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences announced both victims had at least one gunshot wound.{}

The incident happened last Sunday, when Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to the area of 15282 Sylvan Loop Road in Fosters. Deputies found a 52-year-old white male with a single gunshot wound to his head. Deputies later identified this suspect as former Tuscaloosa Deputy, Taylor Powell.

About 50 feet away from the location, deputies also found the suspect's wife, Melanie Powell, and a companion. The companion was identified as Ronald Hydrick, inside a white pick-up truck. They were both deceased.{}

Today the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences announced both victims had at least one gunshot wound.

Investigators believe the suspect confronted his wife and her companion at the companion's house. After that, the suspect began to chase them with his vehicle. Investigators believe the suspect's vehicle struck the victim's vehicle and continued to chase them until he ran them off the roadway, down into a ditch. Investigators say it is possible the suspect was shooting at the victim's vehicle during the chase.

Investigators say the suspect then shot himself in the head, killing himself.

Court documents show Melanie Powell filed for divorce on October 16, only days before her death. The following day she also filed for custody of the couples's only minor child.

The investigation into this double murder-suicide is still ongoing.{}The exact cause of death will not be released until the ADFS releases an official report.