Gardendale pastor charged with Murder and Attempted Murder

The Greer's home on Country Meadow Drive in Gardendale. (

The Jefferson County District Attorney's Office has issued warrants for Pastor Terry Greer for Murder ($75,000 bond) and Attempted Murder ($60,000 bond) after he allegedly shot his wife and daughter at their home in Gardendale on Thursday.

In a news conference Friday, Gardendale Police Chief Mike Walker said the 54-year-old Greer shot his wife, Lisa Greer, 52, and his daughter, Suzanna, 18, with a pistol at their house on the 5800 block of Country Meadow Drive. Greer's daughter was able to wrestle the gun away from him and run to a neighbor's house for help.{}

Investigators say Pastor Greer then grabbed a kitchen knife and went to the bathroom where he repeatedly stabbed himself in an apparent suicide attempt. Officers who responded to the house restrained Pastor Greer before further injuring himself.

All three family members were transported to the emergency room at UAB Hospital.

Lisa Greer, a retired educator from Scottsboro, Ala., died from her injuries early Friday morning.

Suzanna Greer, a Decatur High School graduate and current University of South Alabama student, is in stable condition.

Lisa Greer (left), Suzanna Greer (right)

Pastor Greer underwent surgery Friday night and is in stable condition. He is being monitored by guards as they await to transfer him to Jefferson County Jail pending his release from the hospital.

Greer is{}the Senior Pastor of Gardendale-Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church. He began work there in June of 2012, but has not been actively working over the past few months due to injuries he sustained in a car accident.

"The Gardendale Police Department wishes to express our deepest sympathy to the membership of Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church and the Greer family,'' Chief Mike Walker said at the end of his statement to the media. "Our hope is that the church and community will support Ms. Greer during the aftermath of this tragic incident and beyond."

Chief Mike Walker

The church provided grief counselors today for its congregation as many of them were saddened and shocked to learn the news of the tragedy involving one of their pastors.

"The overwhelming emotions are shock and grief and [we're] trying to work through that," one member said on Friday.