Update: Investigators know origin of fire at Homewood condos


"At first, I heard the sirens and came outside. I saw flames shooting out of the second-story window upstairs," Patti Copeland said.Patti Copeland lives just a few houses down from Vulcan Park Condominiums on Valley Avenue, where Homewood Fire and Rescue crews battled a raging fire Tuesday.{} On Wednesday, several buildings were roped off and charred debris littered the yard where the fire started. ABC 3340 learned that several families were displaced by the fire that caused damage to other nearby units."I was especially worried about some of the animals. I know there are a couple of dogs that live down there. I have a dog and I know the dogs more than I know the people." Copeland said.

Homewood Fire Chief John Bresnan believes they're getting a better picture of where the fire started.{}

"We believe we have narrowed down the origin of the fire was in an upstairs bedroom, bedroom-closet area on the upstairs bedroom." Bresnan said.Investigators believe the fire was{}accidental{}and said they are close to determining a cause.{}{}As for the displaced families, neighbors tell us many of them had children and that they're unsure of what their next steps will be.{}