Update on Heflin Police Officer shot

Bullet holes on the police cruiser Heflin Police Officer Jackie Stovall was driving when he was shot last Saturday. (

A Heflin police officer is in recovery after he was shot Saturday by a murder suspect. Police say Romero Roberto Moya started shooting at officers after killing three people and shooting a small child in a Heflin trailer park. Oxford swat officers killed Moya following a police chase.

"When you get in a gun battle with a bad guy, like this guy a murderer, he has no rules." Heflin Police Captain AJ Benefield said.

Benefield showed us how much danger law enforcement and innocent bystanders faced during the Oxford shoot out. "Roberto Moya fired upon all the officers. He struck officer Scott Winslet's new caprice with his AK rounds. It went through the side post, the driver's door."

And there were five bullet holes in the driver's seat. That officer is okay, but Romero Roberto Moya did hit a main artery in officer Jackie Stovall's groin area. Benefield says "The doctor told us if Trooper Lewis and Trooper Ross hadn't been there to stop the bleeding and clear the airway, he would have never made it to the ER."

Benefield says Stovall had six hours of surgery, but is improving. He was taken off a ventilator Sunday morning. "First thing he asked me was 'did you guys get him?' I said yes, we got him." Oxford swat officers killed Moya after he led officers on a chase that ended in Coldwater. Moya was the suspect in a deadly triple shooting in Heflin where a small child was injured that morning.

Benefield says Moya, who was arrested last year for trafficking cocaine, put many lives in danger that day. He credits the highly trained officers for keeping the public safe during the event.

"These officers were having to pick their shots because you have innocent bystanders behind, you couldn't open up like he was. And people need to understand that. And these officers Deputy Jamie Coefield, Jackie Stovall and Scott Winslet, all did a fabulous job. They're all heroes." Benefield said.

A softball tournament is being organized to honor officer Jackie Stovall and help pay his medical expenses. It will take place December 29th. People who are interested in participating can visit the "Prayers for Officer Jackie Stovall" Facebook page for more information.