Update: Panhandler litter problem

We have an update to a story we showed you Tuesday on Focus at Four.{}

Panhandlers at the Highway 280 exit from I-459 have left behind quite a mess. Now, since our story, some effort has been made to help clean it up.

When Edward Burch went back to the site, he saw one panhandler who was at the Highway 280 stop light, and two others who were waiting in an area not visible from the highway.

When he pulled up and got out with his camera, they quickly left.

However, he noticed the bags of trash that had been left behind were gone.

A woman who lives in the area says that garbage bags had been dropped off at the site for the panhandlers to pick up after themselves.

Those bags sat there for weeks.

Don Lupo, director of the mayor's office of citizens assistance, assured Burch the bags would be picked up.{}

Those bags are indeed no longer at the location, and it appears some of the trash along the hillside has been picked up as well.

There has been a debate as to who is responsible for picking up the litter. It is an ALDOT right of way, but the area is within Birmingham city limits.{}

Lupo simply said, "Regardless, litter is out there and it needs to be picked up."