Update: Pell City police officer undergoes surgery

An update to a story you first saw in January on Focus at Four.

A Pell City police officer, nearly killed in a motorcycle wreck, underwent surgery Tuesday morning at UAB hospital. He still hopes to one day return to the force.

Sgt. Alan Shaddix went in for surgery to have his leg amputated below the knee.

Shaddix had said, he would likely have to require this procedure, to have a prothestetic put in its place. Simply because his foot and ankle cannot pivot.

This is just one of many surgeries and complications he's faced since his accident last June.

Shaddix told Focus at Four's Edward Burch on Tuesday afternoon that the surgery went well and that he will remain at UAB hospital until Friday or Saturday.

He hopes to be back at work this summer, only if he passes the required physical all police officers must take.