Uptown Apartment tenants displaced by fire try to move on

"It was a sad scene, a sad sight, you know," George Colon said.

Colon is one of the lucky ones.

Tuesday, when units around his at Uptown Apartments were catching fire, his was spared.

"[It] really saddens me, very much," he said. "Because I've been here for a short time, but, you know, this is a very good place. Sad to see how the apartments just all the sudden start catching fire, blazes started rising and, we were very, very sad for that."

For Ulysees Jackson he lost everything, but he says he's still lucky. He's still grateful.

"To be 75-years-old and still living and still walking, under my own's great," Jackson said.

Christmas Day, Jackson was one of about a dozen families taking advantage of services from The American Red Cross.

"The families are together, everybody is expecting to wake up the next morning with their kids and open presents and have a nice family time," Matthew Carrier said. "And that was interrupted, severely."

But, Jackson says setbacks could be worse than just smoke and water damage.

"It might be hard, but you can always start over again as long as you got that life," he said.

Colon is now trying to help clean up, while he and his family stay in their apartment with no heat.

"It's really cold," Colon said. "It's very cold and I don't have anywhere else to go."

The American Red Cross says tenants displaced from the fire should start to move into new houses, Thursday.