U.S. considering options dealing with N. Korea

Thelatest U.S. response to weeks of threatening rhetoric from North Korea is tosend F-22 stealth fighter jets to participate in annual war games with SouthKorea. South Korea's new president, who has a policy of re-engagement withPyongyang, told her top military leaders to respond strongly should North Koreaattack.

NorthKorean leader Kim Jong Un has gathered legislators for an annual springparliamentary session. Today's meeting of the Supreme People's Assembly comes aday after a declaration by Kim and top party officials that nuclear bombbuilding and a stronger economy are the nation's top priorities. Today'sgathering also follows near-daily threats from Pyongyang, including promises ofnuclear strikes on South Korea and the U.S.

Analystssee a full-scale North Korean attack as unlikely and say the threats are morelikely efforts to provoke softer policies toward Pyongyang from a newgovernment in Seoul, to win diplomatic talks with Washington and to solidifythe young North Korean leader's military credentials at home.