Van blows through Five Points West intersection hitting 2 people, killing 1

A 42-year-old woman is dead after a van went out of control. Tina Faye Oliver was standing at an intersection when the vehicle ran off the road. Two other people were hurt .Yellow police tape kept people back. Emergency crews inside the tape kept an eye on a white van and a woman on the ground.

"She was always encouraging. She was very kind-hearted. She would do anything under the sun for you," said Sheena Smiley.

Smiley worked with the Oliver at McDonald's. Oliver and the van were part of a crash investigation.

Crash investigators told ABC 33/40 a man drove the van into Oliver and another man standing at the corner of Bessemer Road and Terrance R.

Oliver died. It happened minutes after she had just clocked out for the day.

"She could do anything in the store. She could help you with anything in the store. You could ask her, if she is there, she could do it ," added Smiley.

Police are continuing to ask their questions. Jacqueline Sims hopes the crash will push officers to do something more.

"They need to lower the speed or be out here on the road more often to cut it down. Something needs to be done," said Sims.

Johnita Talbert believes something has experienced her own problems.

"Sometimes, they go 70 or 80 miles per hour. They sometimes run me into the other lanes," said Talbert.

Paramedics took the driver of the van and other person hit on the corner to the hospital. ABC 33/40 understands from officers their injuries are not life-threatening.