Vestavia Hills purchase new City Hall

There's no turning back now for Vestavia Hills Mayor Butch Zaragoza as the city will close the chamber doors that's been open since 1953, and open a set of new doors down the street.

"We're actually going to sell this building off, and start construction of the new facility," says Zaragoza.

The new facility will be at the former Food World at Vestavia Plaza and the former Joe's Ranch House on Mayland Lane.

Zaragoza says the new building will serve as a catalyst for new development along the highway 31 corridor, and that it's planning efforts to establish a revitalized main street through Vestavia Hills.

Zaragoza says, "Yes we're getting a new building, but we think development is going to follow that and if we start getting more businesses in Vestavia Hills. We can do more for the citizens of Vestavia Hills."

There's no secret that Vestavia Hills has been growing, the city is the 3rd largest city in Jefferson County and the 14th largest city in the state.