Vestavia Hills works to rebrand itself to draw in big businesses

Vestavia Hills is working hard to recruit new businesses. The City and Chamber of Commerce kicked off a new re-branding campaign in hopes of landing some new retail options.

The goal is to redefine the city. Mayor Alberto Zaragoza believes Vestavia Hill's brand was outdated. He wants to redefine the city's image using the words unity, prosperity and family.

"We've heard that we're a community of the 50s and 60s," the mayor told ABC 3340. "And we need now to move into the 21st century."

That move is all about economic development says Mayor Alberto Zaragoza.

Construction is underway for a new city hall and police station. Those are just a few of the improvements Zaragoza says are underway.

"There's certain things we want to do here in Vestavia Hills," he explained. "We need a new civic center. We want more sidewalks. You know, you've got to have money to do that. By doing the economic development situation here and getting more tax dollars, we will have more money in here."

To lure new businesses in, it's all about the branding. The city and chamber are working on a new recruiting and branding video. Saturday, a casting call brought in people to be part of the production.

"Because even though our community is beautiful, the people make it," said Chamber President Karen Odle.

She believes the video will help Vestavia Hills be competitive.

"We're a smaller city and its hard to compete with the big malls, but we have a lot to offer so we'll be using this for recruitment of businesses."

Residents were eager to help, already dreaming about the possibilities.

"I think more restaurants," said resident Sarah Stevens. "There's so much space right in our area."

"I really like local coffee shops, local music stores, local restaurants for sure, I'm a big foodie," added Kelly Roy, another resident.

Those ideas could happen on a vacant lot off Highway 31, where the old Ruby Tuesdays is. Odle says there's a 34,000 square foot development deal in the works. She wouldn't spill the beans on what will go on the land, but she expects the announcement to come within the month.