Veterans Job Fair draws hundreds

After returning home from duty, many veterans find themselves struggling to find employment.

Now, some Birmingham vets have a chance at landing a job. More than 30 employers were looking to fill nearly 600 position at a veterans career fair in Pelham on Wednesday.

29-year-old Brad Busby spent four years in the army, including a tour of duty in Iraq. Now that he's back home in Alabama, he's looking for a job.

"It's been tough, you're out there searching and grinding everyday and it just seems like things aren't out there, at least things that pay enough to make ends meet," says Busby. "I'll take anything I can get, I've got two kids and a wife that I've got to provide for."Busby will tell potential employers, his time in the army offers skills he can translate to the work force. "You've got the discipline, you've got determination. I think veterans should be the first choice," says Busby."It's for unemployed veterans like Busby,{} that "Employment Seeker" hosted the veterans job fair."Normally when (veterans) come back, for some reason, we forget about them. So we decided to start doing the veterans career fair, bring out as many military veterans as possible. So we can put them in front of employers and help them become gainfully employed," fair coordinator, Renee Jackson says

While the fair is geared toward helping veterans, civilians were welcome to come and put their best foot forward.