How Kelly Garner became the Good Samaritan

The Vestavia Hills Good Samaritan is finally home. Kelly Garner started making the trek on the night of January 28th after helping stranded drivers. But his route and life took an unexpected turn.

Garner's monumental progress can be measured in small steps."Unfortunately, I had to go through that. But I'm excited to be here today," he said.

Today, Garner is called a hero, a Good Samaritan.

"I was just floored. I never considered myself to be a hero or Good Samaritan. I was just doing what I thought anyone else would do," he said.

Garner's been in the thoughts and prayers of many. He continues to recover from a broken back and head injury sometimes with a grimace but more often with a grin.

He came into so many lives through this tweet January 28th, "HELP! Diabetic last seen helping people move cars."

Garner was helping stranded drivers, like himself, at Walmart Neighborhood Market on Highway 31. The events of the night are still being pieced together. But at some point, he fell down a ravine where neighbors found him the next morning.

"I'm totally blank from the time I left Highway 31 to make my way back home," he said.

When Garner woke, he was no longer simply a father, husband, and friend. He was the hero even former Alabama football players wanted to meet.

"A lot of folks don't think I remember because they took a lot of pictures and reminded me because I was so medicated," he laughed.

On Thursday, he was able to walk out of the rehabilitation center and finally go home after 23 days. Garner hopes it isn't the heroism, rather his fight to survive that stays with people.

"They can have a fight that they see I've gone through and now they can fight as well," he said.

Garner still has some time left in therapy.

A Regions account is set up to help the family.