VH Good Samaritan goes home

Kelly Garner during rehabilitation (

The Vestavia Hills Good Samaritan was released from Spain Rehabilitation Thursday morning. Kelly Garner was being treated for serious injuries after falling into a ravine during the January winter storm.Garner spent the last few months in UAB Hospital recovering from a broken back, as well as head and shoulder problems. He suffered those injuries after falling into a ravine near the Vestavia Hills Library on Highway 31. It's estimated he fell forty feet and laid there overnight until neighbors found him.Garner went missing during the January ice storm. He had been helping stranded drivers on Highway 31 in Vestavia Hills. He was headed home when he fell. Garner says he doesn't remember much of the night. But he's aware of all the thoughts and prayers for his recovery."I've been a spiritual guy from the beginning. But having gone through this now, it's made me realize how much I impacted folks and I never suspected that," said Garner.Garner is looking forward to going home, sitting in a comfortable chair and relaxing.