Victim breaks silence after letter by Coppertop Suspect

Nathan Wilkins letter to the judge disturbed one of the victims in the Copper Top Bar shooting in Tuscaloosa last July. (

{}{}{}A letter written by the Coppertop shooting suspect in Tuscaloosa disturbs victim Bruce Bankhead.{} "There's so many people right now that can't sleep because of him," stressed Bankhead.

{}{} Wilkins allegedly shot bankhead an hour before shooting 17 others at the Coppertop Bar last July.{} Police say Wilkins opened fire outside of Bankhead's home in Northport.{} Bankhead believes{}"it was premeditated..."

{}{} In the letter to the judge overseeing his case, Wilkins is asking for a new lawyer.{} He says his current - court appointed attorney doesn't want to hear what he has to say.{} He also says medication has wiped out any memory of events that lead to the charges he faces.{} "I don't think he's crazy.{} I think he may be stupid," said Bankhead.

{}{}{} That's why Bankhead has decided to break his silence.

{}{}{} He believes Wilkins is trying to prolong the case from going to trial.

{}{}{}{}Bankhead spent more than{} two months in the hospital.{} He uses us a cane to get around and showed ABC 33/40 where multiple bullets entered his stomach and one exited his back.{} "He hurt my children, he hurt me, he hurt my family. I can't walk right now.{} He knocked on my door, with a weapon. He knew who he was asking for."

{}{}{} As for what Wilkins is asking the Judge, Bankhead says,"for{}a{}judge to consider this -- that would be insane. For a judge to believe this -- that would be insane."

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