Victim of interstate brick throwing case speaks out

{}{} For Melissa Jones, September 16, 2012{}was truly a nightmare.{}{} She left home in Vance with her three sons ages 14, 8 and 7.{} Out of nowhere a brick smashed into the driver side windshield of their mini-van.

{}{} The only thing Jones remembers is her 14 year old son had to take over driving and what he said."Him crying and saying if you don't lay still you're going to bleed to death in front of me. That's basically all I remember," explained Jones.

{}{} Days later, Jones woke up in Intensive Care at DCH hospital on a ventilator, with broken teeth, a {}jaw and shoulders.{} The nurse told her she was in an accident.{} "Things will always be different for me. I will wake up everyday in pain," she said.{} When asked what was she thinking as the doctor was telling her about her injury Jones said, " Why?...that's what I was thinking."

{}{} While it seemed unthinkable, the day after the accident police arrested 16-year old Shane Herren and Jordan Price.{} They believe two teens threw the brick off the overpass and say a footprint and witness placed them on the bridge the day of the accident.{} "I have forgiven them. I{}have not forgotten."

{}{}{} Jones won't talk much about the case.{} She says, "I pray for them, I pray for their souls every day. I believe that both boys are responsible."

{}{}{}{}Earlier in Court this week, police said the two teens pointed fingers at each other.{} Jones wants them prosecuted to the full extent of the law. "If you're not a fault...stop...there's a leader and a follower...anyone can stand up at any moment and say no this is not right."

{}{}{} Right now, Jones is focused on her recovery which may call for even more surgeries.{} She says support from the community has been overwhelming so she is not bitter at all. "Hatred is such a cruel thing. If I allow myself to hate then the evil has overcome the good and I refuse to let that happen.'