Victim of New Year's crash was pregnant; additional murder charge possible

      {}{}{} Homicide investigators have confirmed 20 year old Shakevia Washington who died in a New Year's crash was pregnant.{} Now, the man charged{} -- KiAnthony Davis could face a third murder charge for the death Washington's unborn child.

      {}{}{} Police say Davis sped through a red light at 15th Street and McFarland Boulevard early New Year's morning hitting the car Washington and 45-year old Evelyn Page were riding in.{} Both women were killed.{}

      {}{} Investigators say Davis was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.{} He already faces two murder charges.{} A grand jury will decide if he should be held accountable for the death of{}the unborn child Washington was carrying.

      {}{}{} He remains in the Tuscaloosa County jail with no bond set.

      {}{} An injured passenger who was{}riding with{}Davis was recently released from the hospital.{}