Suspect captured after reporting damage to his car; damage caused during getaway

Just after 10:00pm Wednesday night deputies were called to the 700 block of Warrior-Jasper Road to investigate a burglary in progress.

The victim told deputies that he arrived home to find an unknown male in his 19 year old son's car. When the suspect saw the victim he ran across the road in to a nearby field. The victim remembered seeing a car in a nearby parking lot on his way home. He and his son went to the car to see if it was involved. The victim left his son with the suspect vehicle while he went to move his truck to a safer location.

When he returned, his son was engaged in an altercation with the same male he had seen flee from his driveway, so he positioned his truck to keep the offender from leaving. The offender tried to drive off and knocked the victim's son down with the car. The suspect's vehicle and the victim's vehicle became "stuck" together. The victim then got out of his truck and busted the windows onthe offender's car. The offender was able to get his vehicle free and attempted to run over the victim. The victim fired two shots from a rifle at the offender, but missed. The offender fled the scene and a look out was issued to surrounding agencies

The victim's son was transported to UAB Hospital for treatment of minor injuries he receivedwhen he was knocked down.

Deputies investigating the burglary discovered that another car and a shed owned by the victim had also been broken into.

While on the scene, deputies heard from Warrior Police that Jerry Lee Washington Jr. was at their office to file a report for criminal mischief regarding damage to his car windows. Deputies went to Warrior Police Department and found Washington to be the suspect in this case. He was arrested and placed in the Jefferson County Jail.

21 year old Jerry Lee Washington Jr. of Warrior is currently in the Jefferson County Jail charged with Burglary 3rd Degree, two counts of Unlawful Breaking and Entering a Vehicle and Attempted Murder. His bond is set at $50,000.