Still no justice for victims of 2007 bank robbery in Bessemer

Victims shot during a bank robbery seven years ago today in Bessemer have one question. They want to understand why the man accused of killing two tellers and wounding two others has yet to stand trial. William Merriweather is charged with capital murder. A trial date was set for January in federal court. But a judge delayed it, and has yet to set a new date. Waiting this long for justice must take an emotional toll on victims and their families. ABC 33/40's Candace Sweat spoke with Anita Gordon and Latoya Freeman, two women who survived their physical wounds. Freeman and Gordon were shot at close range but survived. Emotionally, they are still healing. Each year they revisit the spot where they lost their co-workers. The women say they're doing their best to move forward and they are disappointed that the man responsible for their pain has yet to answer for what he did. They placed two yellow roses outside the former Wachovia Bank building in Bessemer. One for Eva Hudson, another for Sheila Prevo. Both were coworkers and friends. Both were shot and killed while working at the bank on the day after mother's day in 2007. Seven years later, it's still difficult for the women to get close to the building. "It's getting better but it's really tough," said Gordon.Merriweather was captured outside the bank. He is charged with capital murder. Federal Judge David Proctor ruled Merriweather competent to stand trial and set a trial date for January of this year. However, Proctor then agreed with the defense to continue the trial. He has not set a new date for it to begin. It's much to Gordon's disappointment. "Disappointment in the justice system. But however we're still grateful to be here," she said.She said she would rather remember the coworkers she lost."God has a reason for everything. And apparently this was his plan. But it hurts because we were like family." {}ABC 33/40 placed a call to Judge Proctor but was told he declined my request for an interview or to make any statement. We were informed by a court clerk was that another competency hearing is set for July 21st at 9 am. In full disclosure: Pam Huff is married to a federal prosecutor handling this case.
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