Victim's wife testifies in 'pipe' beating trial

{}A second day of testimony in the Pipe Beating Trial in Tuscaloosa ended with the victim's widow taking the stand.

Sandra{}McDaniel was quite attentive to testimony regarding the{}July 17, 2012 death of her husband, Kenneth McDaniel.{} On the stand, she{}said she was assured the defendant{}Christopher Patton killed him.

McDaniel told the jury, she and her husband was{}upstairs the night in question when they heard a loud boom and her{}husband said{}"there goes the air conditioner."{} He got dressed and went out to check it.{} When Mrs. McDaniel got downstairs, she said she saw a{}"black man beating something on the ground as hard as he can with what looked like a stick to me.{} I called a stick.{} And he looked up at me like he was mad."

By that time,{}the McDaniel's{}niece who was visiting came down and they called 911 with a very disturbed{}Sandra McDaniel telling the operator "Someone's beating someone with a stick.{} It may be my husband.{} Hurry, hurry," she's heard said.

The 911 recording was played for the jury.

Prosecutors contend{}Patton was angry because the month before{}the McDaniels had called police on him for trespassing and had his car towed.

Some{}neighbors who live nearby testified{} that months before they had reason to believe Patton who appeared out of nowhere close to their home had tripped to electric circuits from outside their home.{} Prosecutors have alleged that Patton also Sabotaged the McDaniels breaker box to lure Kenneth McDaniel to the outside.

Another neighbor{}who took the stand said{}prior to the alleged{}killing Patton, who was a stranger to them had shown up to their who claiming he owned their property and told them they had 24 hours to vacate.

While Judge Brad Almond allowed the testimony regarding the prior incidents allegedly involving Patton, each time he cautioned the jury that weight of each account could only be used to determine a possible motive or identity.

In opening statements, Patton's defense lawyers told the jury the case was only about what happened the night Kenneth McDaniel was killed.

An intern who was on a ride-a-long with a deputy testified that on the night of the killing, they spotted Patton carrying a stick but he ran.{} Later, another deputy in an unmarked vehicle who ultimately arrested Patton testified that Patton flagged him down but seemed startled when he realized he had flagged down a member of law enforcement.

Patton's attorneys also used witness testimony Tuesday to point out conflicting descriptions of Patton, specifically{} whether or not the person they saw had a bad eye or wore the obvious patch that Patton does.

Testimony resumes Wednesday morning at 9am.