Video: Nick Saban forgot it was his birthday

Saban received a cake that resembled a Little Debbie cookie with the face of ESPN's Chris Fowler on the top.

It's LSU week. It's Halloween. You're the head coach of the No. 1 team in the country and you are about to take an attractive ESPN host to work with you while you discuss football. Oh, and you just woke up.

Can you really blame Nick Saban for letting his meaningless 61st birthday slip his mind?

Well, that's what happened on Wednesday morning. Saban talked about forgetting his birthday while filming with ESPN and host Samantha Steele for their special All Access show previewing the big game in Baton Rouge on Saturday between Alabama and No. 5 LSU.{}

Steele asks, "Is anything different when it's your birthday on a Wednesday going into work?"

Saban responds, "My wife said Happy Birthday this morning, and I was like, Oh I forgot."

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