Video: Roof blown off by wind in Centre misses landing on man by mere seconds

Severe thunderstorms packed with damaging straight-line winds and hail the size of golf balls wreaked havoc throughout the state of Alabama on Monday.

For one man in Centre, the storms nearly cost him his life.

A video posted on YouTube by Kelly Matthews shows an employee leaving work at the local water treatment facility just as a storm began to flex its muscle in the small town. The man is shown taking a short walk to his car and climbing into the driver's seat. Just seconds after closing the door, a large roof blown off a nearby building slams to the ground exactly where the man had just been standing.

Had he left work 15-20 seconds later or fumbled with his keys outside his car for a few moments longer, this story would likely be about the first reported death in Alabama caused by the severe weather today.

Fortunately for the man, he was spared by Mother Nature, living to see another day with only minor damage to his car. The video will now serve as a reminder of how vulnerable we humans become when deadly storms hit close to home.

Watch the video below or click here to watch on YouTube.