Video: Watch local news anchor call out viewers for complaints over storm coverage

KSFY morning news anchor Nancy Naeve called out viewers for complaining about programming being interrupted for severe weather coverage. (KSFY)

"I tell you what:{} Quit calling and ripping Shawn for being on the air to save people's lives."Those were the bold words of Nancy Naeve, a morning news anchor for KSFY in Sioux Falls, South Dakota who came to the defense of meteorologist Shawn Cable after the station received numerous complaints for interrupting regularly-scheduled programming for severe weather coverage. The video, which you can watch above, shows an interview with a woman who says she was able to alert her mother of a tornado warning 20 minutes before a twister touched down in Iowa thanks to KSFY's weather coverage. "That is proof right there that they heard it on KSFY. No show is as important as someone's life," Naeve said during a live newscast. "And people just berated our station for [Shawn] being on the air. But I tell you what: If it was your home and your neighbors, you would feel differently. So please, please don't do that. That's not nice."