Vigil Remembering Gate City Child Killed By Car

Neighbors held a candlelight vigil Sunday night for a little boy who lost his life. It happened in the Gate City Community Saturday night, where police say shots were fired, injuring three people. But the little boy was not shot, he was hit by a car near the situation.Nearly a hundred people gathered near the intersection of Joppa Court and 66th Street South in Gate City for a vigil where four-year-old Deonte Mixon was hit by a car. Mixon's mother says they were headed home after hearing gunshots two block away. Police say a child was shot in the leg and two women were grazed by bullets. Tanisha Glenn says "I had my little girl too. I was pushing her stroller, so I didn't have him in my arms and I thought he was on the side of me, but he wasn't. He was trying to run home."Glenn says the person who ran over her child kept going. She doesn't know if they had anything to do with the shooting, but wants them to come forward. The child's great-grandmother says "I wish and hope and pray, they'll turn themselves in." Myra Glenn says the situation is a wake-up call for communities everywhere. "Life is precious and to just be careless to do ungodly things like shooting guns among people, that's not good."Many parents dropped off stuffed animals to honor the little boy, thankful their own children are okay. But neighbors want change, change Myra Glenn says should start in the community. "A lot can be done, but it starts with the people who live here. they got to want to have peace here and improve lifestyles, not think it's a party place."Police are still investigating the case.