Vigil remembers 22 year old


A family is mourning after losing Forenzo Walker to gunfire over the weekend. {}It happened at the "C and C" Nightclub on Bessemer Road."Somebody took an innocent life, I know that," Fernando Berry, Walker's brother said.The parking lot filled with friends and family is a testament that one life touches many."It's sad, though. Really sad. I'm going to miss him," Berry said.22 year old Forenzo Walker died around 1 Saturday morning after multiple shots were fired - one from a Birmingham police officer. {}So far, police have not said whether the fatal bullet came from that officer."I'm hurt, real hurt. Because from my understanding, it was about nothing," Berry said.Police tell us, it started when a manager called police about a fight in the parking lot. When officers got there, they found the suspects firing handguns at each other."He didn't have an enemy and the way they just attacked my cousin," Versa McKeithan, his cousin said. "They way they came and rushed him, didn't give him a chance. He begged for his life, he said, please don't shoot me."{}His high school sweetheart and fiance tells us, Walker came to the nightclub for a family member's birthday."We didn't get the chance to get married, but he was a great person but we were just so in love," LaKyia Owens, his fiance said. "We were together like seven years."{}"I'm just going to keep him in my heart and let him be ok," Owens said. "I know he's up there with his Granny and he's watching over all of us."{}"This was uncalled for," McKeithan said. "Y'all took a special part of our lives. He didn't bother a soul. He wouldn't hurt a fly. He'd give you the shirt off his back."All total, five people were injured - one with life threatening injuries. The ABI is investigating along with Birmingham Police. So far no arrests have been made.