Vitamin D benefits for your body

Vitamin D can help lower the risk of bone fracture, according to a new study released Wednesday. {}However,{}you have to take a very high dose of the vitamin for it to be effective. {}The research in the New England Journal of Medicine re-analyzed 11 clinical trials of more than 31,000 people older than 64.{}{}

According to the Food and Nutrition Board, which sets the recommended daily allowances you see on food packaging, people over 70 should consume 800 international units of Vitamin D a day.{}The study showed that taking less than that amount per day had no effect on bone-fracture risk.{}{}But when the participants took 800 units or more, their risk of hip fracture was lowered by 30 percent and the risk of other bone fractures by 14 percent.{}{}{}Previous studies of Vitamin D supplements have returned mixed results. {}Just last month, a panel of independent experts that advises the federal government on preventive care issued draft guidelines saying there is too little evidence to recommend vitamin D supplements for the prevention of bone fractures. {}People can also get Vitamin D from nature. It's in many fortified foods, and sunlight spurs the body to produce the vitamin.{}