Volunteers clean up G. W. Carver Memorial Cemetery

Volunteers were at George Washington Carver Cemetery, Saturday morning, for a good deed.

The Foundry was out beginning at 7:30 a.m. picking up, weed-eating and trying to take care of the grounds.

Micah Andrews with The Foundry says volunteers started hearing about the cemetery and problems it was having in the news, so they wanted to come out and help however they could.

He says it is more than a one day commitment.

"We know this property is going to take a lot more than just this one day," Andrews said. "So, we've made a commitment to be here over the next two, three weeks, until we're able to finish this project for them."

The cemetery filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last month.

Friday, the President and Director of the cemetery met with creditors to discuss its financial instability.