Volunteers spend spring break helping local woman

Volunteers with World Changers helping a local Birmingham woman on Friday. (

Student volunteers, like Harris Taylor, didn't mind the wet afternoon Friday.{}

"Here I am making a difference and its a great feeling because you know that you're changing someone's world," said Taylor, {}a student volunteer with World Changers. {} He says his calling to serve is greater than a few drops of rain.{}"You're helping somebody in ways that they would never be helped before," said Taylor.{}World Changers is an organization that helps makes necessary repairs to homes of people who are considered low income.{}"We're able to affect the whole neighborhood because everyone sees it and everyone gets curious at some point," said Harris.{}The group has been spending their spring break helping Ms. Hattie Williams. {}They've been painting, moving furniture, and even taking time to pet William's two dogs.{}{}"These kids are sweet and well trained and these are some of the best kids I have met in all of these years," said Williams.{}The volunteers say a higher power is what compels them to serve. {}{}{}"We got to meet people in the neighborhood. We got to work with Ms. Hattie. {}We got to meet other churches and ultimately we got to tell about Jesus," said Taylor Savell from{}Tennessee.{}{} {}Ms. Williams said she's grateful to the volunteers for their help and good attitudes. {}She hopes their handy work will bless another homeowner in Birmingham and beyond. {}