Walk for orphans


I got a chance to meet a lady named Lauree Spurgglin. She has a passion for orphans. She says God has moved her to take a leadership role in her church to help orphan's.

This Saturday morning the "Walk This Way!" walk will take off at 9 am.

Coaling Baptist and several other churches are involved in organizing the event. It's part of the Defend the Orphans Ministry.

The money raised goes to help the children who may need clothes, shoes medical care and more.

If you have a free Saturday, go support this great cause.

Did you know there are about 160 children in foster care just in Tuscaloosa County alone? The number of children in foster care is growing each year.

Lauree says we are commanded to take care of the orphans and that's exactly what she is working to do.

Isaiah 1:17 "learn to do good, love justice, defend the orphans and widows, and help the needy.

For more information you can call 205 792-3515.