Walker County baby battles flesh eating bacteria

A newborn baby has contracted a life threatening staph infection - and is now diagnosed with a gruesome form of flesh-eating bacteria.{}He's in Cincinnati, Ohio at Shriners Hospital undergoing treatment for the disease."It's been a disaster," Jade Kennedy, Korbin's mom said. "To deliver a healthy, happy little baby and carry him home for two days and then you have this happen."Korbin Kennedy was just five days old, when a 100.4 degree fever put him in the hospital - but that E.R. visit quickly became a nightmare."A surgeon came in and put his hands on it and said, this is flesh eating bacteria," James "Jimbo" Kennedy, Korbin's dad said. "We need to take him to the OR immediately."What was a staph infection, developed into flesh eating bacteria. Doctors immediately performed surgery removing most of the skin and tissue on his back. And even at that, Korbin was given only a 50% chance to live."They were saying he might not make it through the night," Jade Kennedy said. "That's a very hard thing to swallow. It's a mother's worst nightmare. You could actually see the muscle on his back when they removed the dressing."They believe the infection came from a lumbar puncture."We feel like the infection got in his back from the lumbar puncture because he had absolutely no infection or rash on his back until after the lumbar puncture," James Kennedy said.Korbin was transferred to Shriner's Hospital in Cincinnati. After several treatments, his family is waiting to find out if the disease is gone and if Korbin can receive a skin graft."The prayers, the support, everything we have gotten from everybody has been so uplifting," Jade Kennedy said."He's a little miracle because 92% of children who get this die," James Kennedy said.