Walker County Family Cries Out for Help after Fire Destroys Home

A family which lost everything in a fire last week, desperately needs help.

Eric and Nchol Taylor's rental home went up in flames about a week ago. {}Since then, they've teetered on the verge of homelessness. {}

The Taylor family has four children, ages 10, 7, 5 and 2. The eldest, Kylie, suffers from Aspbergers Syndrome and other anxiety disorders. {}

The family needs clothing for themselves and their children. 10-year old Kylie wears size 5 juniors. 7-year old Kelsie wears girls size 7-8 and Maysie is 5 and wears girls size 5-6. 2-year old E. J. wears a boys size 3T. {}

The Red Cross paid to house the family for three nights in a Nauvoo Super 8 motel in Jasper. Others have anonymously paid for extra nights at the motel room.

"We just pray to God that we'll have another night in the motel room. And if it weren't for God, we'd be in a bad situation right now."

The couple, both 27-years old, have been married for 13 years, and only recently re-located to the area. They were paying $420 per month in a rent-to-own lease with the owner of the house. {}They never purchased renter's insurance, and lost all the contents of the house. The family's vehicle is not running correctly because heat from the fire melted some hoses.

A few weeks ago, Eric Taylor lost his job as a construction worker.

"I got laid off. And we was already struggling, struggling, struggling," he said, fighting back tears. He assures his children that everything will be alright, but when they aren't looking, he feels desperation welling up inside. {}

"Every night is our last night. Then, by the end of the night, I'm stressed out worrying about where am I going to put my kids at, and what am I going to do with my kids, and then somebody at the end of the day...just pays for one more night in the room, " said a very concerned Nichol Taylor. "It's the little stuff that you miss the most. Like, having hair bows for the girls, and my Bible. We had just bought groceries and then that's all gone. We're lost. What do we do from here? {}That's my question. All we can do is sit and wait on God. That's all we can do. Wait on God."

A special fund has been set up to accept donations. {}Anyone wishing to help the Taylor family can call the Bank of Walker County at 205-295-0033. Ask for the Eric Taylor Fund. {}

To help the family with donations of clothing, a place to stay and other necessities, you can call Nichol Taylor at 256-267-7728.

"God's never going to turn his back on you," said Nichol, who didn't know how she was going to buy diapers or what her children would eat that day. "We have God. We have our family. We may have lost everything in this fire, but as long as we have each-other and God, that's all we need."