Walker County miracle baby is recovering from flesh eating bacteria

Walker County's miracle baby is quickly recovering from a flesh eating bacteria. One month old Korbin Kennedy no longer has the bacteria and may be able to get a skin graft later this week.

His parents couldn't wait to share the news, especially with the more than 600 Facebook followers who've been praying for their son. The good news is hard to miss on the Prayers and Support for Korbin page- he's infection free. They truly believe God is so good.

A{}baby's life is filled with firsts. There are even more for the Kennedy's. Tuesday marked the first infection free day and the first snuggle without gloves, gowns or tubes.

"I{}actually looked at the doctor and screamed as loud as{}I could and clapped my hands and jumped up and down.{}I threw down the gown{}I was trying on and while{}I did it,{}I ripped it to pieces," said{}Jade Kennedy, Korbin's mother.

"It's been a wonderful day," said James Kennedy, Korbin's father, who posted a picture of his first nap with Korbin.

Korbin wearing a onesie saying daddy's best friend even joined{}his parents{}for a big announcement from Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati.

"He got the pig skin yesterday. They will be checking it tomorrow to see if it's taken," explained Korbin's mother. "If it has taken then{}Thursday or Friday they will do an actual skin graft on his back."

The graft will cover the area on Korbin's back where tissue and skin containing the flesh eating bacteria was removed.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, flesh eating bacteria is rare especially when caused by staph as in Korbin's case.

The family believes a lumbar puncture may have caused it.

Children's of Alabama{}issued a statement saying, "our thoughts and prayers are, of course, with the family, and the health and wellbeing of our patients is our utmost priority. Children's of Alabama follows Centers for Disease Control and prevention guidelines to prevent the spread of infection within our facility."

"We{}feel they did their best on what they could," said Korbin's dad of his son's initial care at Children's before he was transferred to Shriners.

The Kennedys are entirely focused on their miracle baby. He's now among the eight percent of children to survive this type of infection.

"We{}are overwhelmed- overwhelmed is the word we've used throughout this experience by support," said Korbin's mother.

Korbin is a little over a month old. All but two days of his life have been spent in a hospital.