Walking for peace

Javier Janik is spending 196 days walking across the U.S. (

A young man walking along roadsides in Central Alabama is getting attention. He's been walking for 45 days on his way to California. He's enduring rain and cold temperatures to simply spread a message.

"When I set out from Virginia Beach, I really didn't have any plans where I would be staying."

Javier Janik is spending 196 days walking across the U.S. 46 are already behind him. "Each day{}represents one of the 196 countries of the world which I wear a shirt of each day bearing each countries flag."

Janik says he left the banking business to follow his passion. To make progress step by step in world peace and equality. His message? "Love each other as one and love each other unconditionally."

He believes the majority of the world is good and wants Americans to see that. His path, already a clear example. "It's always so encouraging when people stop to lend a helping hand."

But the trek has its difficulties. The rain, the cold and he's been stopped a time or two by dogs and curious police officers. "Everybody thinks I am pushing a baby along the highway."

But minus a few bumps.{}Janik is{}hoping to write a book about his experiences along with a positive story about each country. And he'll have plenty of time to think about that. It's a long way from Green Pond, Alabama to California. But thanks to fire stations like this one, he's had some refuge along the way.

A number of firefighters across the country have extended an invitation."I definitely don't know where I'd be without them."

It's just another sign of the good in the world. "We have so much influence around the world everywhere. I think we have an opportunity to use that in a more positive life."

Thursday morning, Janik will walk to Tuscaloosa. He plans on checking out the University of Alabama on Saturday.

Fore more information on his journey, visit or visit Facebook and type in Walking across America from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.