Birmingham police: Fourth of July celebratory gunfire will not be tolerated

Sgt. Johnny Williams, Birmingham Police Department. (

Police want fireworks left to the professions this Fourth of July. In most cities, the firing of fireworks and guns is illegal. One of them could land revelers in jail.

This summer holiday actually comes with many warnings aimed at keeping people safe. But as people are planning their celebrations, there's two warnings that won't be found printed on any wrapper- fire off some fireworks, possibly face criminal charges and fire a gun, go to jail.

"A lot of people think that bullet will go up and land somewhere safe or hover in the air. But that's not the case. It has to come down," said Sgt. Johnny Williams, Birmingham Police Department. "We've been blessed no one has been killed or seriously injured."

They aim on keeping it that way. Extra Birmingham and Bessemer police officers will be patrolling. Birmingham police will also use the shot spotter to pinpoint the firing."It's for the safety of everyone involved. There's a number of places that are going to provide excitement and fireworks. We're asking everyone to take in those activities," he said.

Police are also asking for citizens' help. If you see someone fire a gun, you are asked to call police.