Warrants issued to arrest Forkland mayor

{}ABC 33/40 has confirmed that warrants have been issued to arrest for the town of Forkland's mayor in Greene County.{} However,{} Mayor Derrick Biggs has not been seen since Friday before deputies arrived at his home to execute the warrants.The matter stems from funds allegedly missing from the Forkland's Water Department.{} Supervisor Alonzo Thomas showed us bank documents that raised red flags in April when he says the mayor took over as another worker who was drafting a deposit for that day. Thomas said he and others became suspicious of the mayor's activities after noticing a $200 deposit that was supposed to be around $400.Thomas says the incident prompted them to check other deposit activities involving the mayor.{} They claim a number of deposits dating back to December 2013 do not match the amounts actually collected on those corresponding days and that a total of more than $6,000 is missing.{} "The days that he worked in here, those are the days that the money was missing and the paperwork."Sheriff investigators were at Forkland City Hall Monday morning looking for{}Mayor Biggs, who lives about a mile away at a home with his father, Robert Biggs, who is a city councilman.When ABC 33/40 visited Biggs' home, the mayor's father said his son was at a{}Birmingham hospital being treated for a medical condition, but he didn't know which hospital. Sources tell ABC 33/40 that{}Mayor Biggs is trying to avoid authorities.

Another councilman, Preston Davis, says the mayor volunteered to replace the funds during a recent meeting, but he didn't admit to stealing the money.

"Then we had another meeting and he wanted to make payment arrangements, so that tell me right there you got it," said Davis.

Some of the people who support the mayor's campaign for office two years ago told ABC 33/40 they are upset. "For him to come in and money comes up missing and it seems to back track to him it's just a disappointment and we want our money back," said Priscilla Davis who also{}says she's a distant relative of the mayor.Some say it seems like a small amount in question but for the small town of Forkland, six thousand dollars is big chunk of the city's water funds."We only collect like 10-thousand dollars a month. You think 6000 yeah," added Thomas.The pending warrants{}charge Biggs with first-degree theft of property, a felony, and misdemeanor tampering with government records.Both the Greene County Sheriff's Office and Circuit Clerk's office say they're not allowed to comment on warrants that have not yet been executed.{}
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