Warrants to search electronics owned by father who left child in car

Sunday, a Georgia police department secured seven more search warrants. They want to search electronics belonging to Tuscaloosa native Justin Ross Harris. He faces murder and child cruelty charges in the hot car death of his toddler.The Cobb County Police Department now has search warrants for Harris' iPhone, MacBook Pro, an iPad, a Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell computer tower, and Google Chromecast. They are looking for any evidence of child neglect on the items in Harris' car and Georgia home.Over the weekend, Harris told investigators that he searched online about children dying in cars because he feared it could happen. Harris' son was left inside a hot car June 18 and died. The father of the 22 month old said he was supposed to drop his son off at daycare but forgot.Harris faces charges of murder and child cruelty.