WATCH: 2 women suspected of trying to steal beach tent, other items confronted by owner

A video of man confronting two women on New Smyrna Beach, Fla. who were suspected of trying to steal his beach tent over the Fourth of July weekend has gone viral. (Flicky Rich/YouTube)

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Florida -- What would you do if you saw two women breaking down your tent and appearing to pack up your personal belongings on the beach? A man at New Smyrna Beach, which is just south of Daytona, grabbed his trusty cell phone camera and started recording as he confronted two women as they were apparently trying to steal his beach setup. After asking if the ladies, who were having trouble disassembling the canopy's frame, needed any help, the man dropped a bombshell on the suspected thieves, telling them "Yea, this is my stuff." The women, stunned by the man's claim, responded in disbelief while trying to explain their actions. Moments later, one woman demanded the man to turn off his camera, but she was met with an abrupt and plain-spoken response from the now-agitated owner of the tent: "No. Step away from my @&$%! How 'bout that?" Watch the video to find out what happened next. No charges are expected to be filed against the women, according to local news reports.