Watch AJ McCarron's reaction to news of LeBron James Twitter follow of girlfriend

McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb, was talked about by Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit during ESPN's broadcast of the BCS National Championship game, prompting thousands of people to follow her on Twitter.

Alabama's AJ McCarron had a lot to say following his team's thrashing of Notre Dame in the 2013 BCS National Championship game in Miami Monday night, but when he was informed of his girlfriend's new follower on Twitter, the quarterback found himself at a loss for words.

Clay Travis, a popular Nashville sports talk radio host and editor of, revealed to McCarron during a post-game interview that his overnight internet sensation girlfriend, Katherine Webb, gained thousands of followers on Twitter, including one from NBA superstar LeBron James. McCarron stood in disbelief at the news.

"She's got 100,000 Twitter followers now." Travis said. (Webb actually has over 175,000 followers now.)

"No way." McCarron replied.

"She went from 300 followers two weeks ago to 100,000, and LeBron James is following her on Twitter. King James." Travis explained.

Upon hearing the news, McCarron looked around like he was being told a dumb joke before demanding Travis to swear he was telling the truth.

"Say you swear!" McCarron said to Travis.

"I swear to you it's true. LeBron James is following her on Twitter right now." Travis obliged.

McCarron went from dumbfounded to jealous in an instant.

"(Smiling) Mannnnn. I'm going to tweet him and get a follow!" McCarron said. "That's messed up. But, hey, I guess she's more famous than me."

Maybe so, but the Mobile native and BCS title ring collector deserves all the credit for the 23-year-old Webb's newfound fame.

Note:{} James has since unfollowed Webb.

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