WATCH: Dad sings parody to "Rude" by Magic, warns boys about marrying his daughter

Don't mess with this daddy's little girl. That was the message Benji Cowart was sending to boys who may want to marry his princess in the future when he performed a parody of "Rude" by the band Magic!. The protective father recorded video of himself performing the song and posted it on YouTube less than a week ago, and it now has over 3 million views. "Seeking permission to marry my princess, son what's wrong with your big head?" he sang. "It's the first time I met you, why would I let you run off with my baby girl?"

Cowart tweaked the the hook in Magic!'s hit single:

"Why you gotta call me rude? I'm doing what a dad should do keep her from a fool like you," Watch the funny video above. App users:{} Click here.