WATCH: Man films himself baking in hot car in response to child deaths

RALEIGH, North Carolina -- "This is wrong, man." That's just a snippet of what Terry Williams of Greensboro, North Carolina said recently while filming himself in a hot car in an effort to show just how miserable it is to be left baking in a vehicle during a hot, summer day. He posted the video on YouTube in response to the recent incidents of children being "forgotten" in cars across the country, the most notable of which happened in Atlanta, Ga., where a 22-month-old boy died after his father left him in the back seat of his SUV for several hours. The dad, Justin Ross Harris of Tuscaloosa, has since been charged with reckless murder after investigators revealed shocking allegations of an alleged double life and "sexting" at work while his son sat dying in the vehicle. The minute-and-a-half clip shows Williams sweating profusely as he shares his personal frustration over parents forgetting about their kids in cars. "Year after year after year, there always be some fool that wants to leave their kid in the back seat of a car and forget all about'em," he said. "'Do you really love your kids?' That's what you should ask yourself." Williams titled the video in simple yet succinct fashion:{} "Don't leave ur kids in car." Watch it above. App users:{} Click here.Tips on avoiding accidental deaths in hot cars