Nick Saban and Mark Richt news conferences for SEC Championship (video)

Nick Saban and Mark Richt posing for pictures with the SEC Championship trophy on Friday. (

Both Alabama's Nick Saban and Georgia's Mark Richt spoke to the media for a little over 20 minutes in Atlanta on the eve of the SEC Championship game.

Quote from each coach on Friday:

Saban's praise the media at the end of news conference:

"I know that sometimes there's a perception that I'm not a fan of the media. I want everybody here to know that that's not really the case. I really do appreciate what you do. I think you bring a tremendous amount of interest and attention and continue to generate passion and enthusiasm for our game and other sporting events by what you do. And I think you provide a tremendous amount of positive self-gratification for the players who work hard, and I think that's very much appreciated by them and certainly by me, because I have a tremendous respect for great competitors and people who try to do what our players have tried to do this season, last season, whatever season. So I do have a special thanks and appreciation for the media and what you do. So, thank you."

Richt on what he learned from his last meeting with Alabama in the "Black Out" game in 2008:

"Don't wear black jerseys. We're wearing red."


Watch their news conferences above.

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